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Mushroom, Spinach, Gruyere Frittata

You may have noticed by now that I love the combination of mushroom, spinach, gruyere, and thyme. These are also ingredients that I...

Blackberry Thyme Danish

I’m not much of a sweet tooth but Dayne craves a good pastry occasionally and this blackberry lemon and thyme combination hit the spot...

Best Buttermilk Pancakes

I never have been a huge sweet tooth but Dayne loves pancakes. If I even mention making this recipe he acts like a kid the night before...

Greek Egg White Bites

I love meal prepping breakfasts for the week. I wake up so early, it's nice to have something ready to grab, heat, and run out the door....

Breakfast Tacos

Being from Texas, and also my fathers daughter, I live for breakfast tacos. They are by far my favorite breakfast. There is something...

Overnight Sausage Gruyere Strata

Stop throwing out day old bread! Make a strata instead 🤗. I love to make this recipe when we have guests from out of town because...

Classic Banana Nut Bread

The first time I made banana nut bread was when Dayne and I first got married and moved to Connecticut. I was waiting to start grad...

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